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Principle Investigator

Paul Thibodeau, Ph.D.

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at Oberlin College. I received my PhD in cognitive psychology from Stanford University in 2012 and my BA with high honors in psychology and Chinese from Swarthmore College in 2006. I worked with Lera Boroditsky and James McClelland at Stanford. I worked with Frank Durgin at Swarthmore. I have also taught at Trinity University and Swarthmore College.

Current Lab Members

Mikaela de Lemos

Aylin Goegsen

Kathryn Greene

Isaac Levy

Maricel Mequi

Elise Puschett
Isaac Richman

Fiona Wolfe 

Eliza Young


Lab Alums








Maya Lannen, Jack Stevens

Olivia Canning, Katherine Christel, Madeleine Clements, James Fleming, Ramzy Lakos, Jenny Luan, Alex Scheitinger, Leo Schumann

Julia Cantwell, Sarah Cox, Quinn Donover, Caitlyn Grubb,  Alex Kearns, Daye Lee, Erin Michel, Brendan Sheehan, Briana Thompson

Julia Birenbaum, Latoya Crow, Mira Fein, Elizabeth Goodbody, Ines Ibarra, Evelyn Kalafus-MastenbrookRachel Uri, Annie Winneg, Lingyu Zhang

Chris Bromberg, Cara Forster, Erin Tesny, ​Karlyn Gehring, Stephen Lezak, Greta Grannan-Rubenstein, Will Grannan-Rubenstein

Geoffrey Cole, Madeline Estes, Robby Hernandez, Matthew Peebles, Victoria Perko, Zachary Wilson

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